Bittner Kitchen

Christopher and Lisa Bittner  SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA • 2015 A complete re-imagining of an existing galley kitchen in a 1925 Spanish home. The design intent was to seamlessly meld modern interior design ideas within the existing framework of the home. In order to integrate the kitchen more to the dining area, a large portion of […]

McConkey Residence

Mike and Shawn McConkey SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA • 2015 The McConkey’s dreamed about building a container house and tasked us with designing an environmentally sensitive home utilizing three shipping containers. The initial inspiration behind their dream was a photo in some literature for a ceramic paint being used on container homes in Europe. The 800 […]

Parberry Residence

Risë and Gary Parberry SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA • 2011 Her sanctuary floats above. The farmer plays with water, needs light, and brings sustenance to the earth, adding texture, meaning and life to the ground. He is grounded and his study is indoors and outdoors, always connected to the earth. His workroom anchors her fleeting thought. […]