Hotel Del Coronado – Oxford Building

BRE Hotels and Resorts CORONADO, CALIFORNIA • 2022 The Hotel Del Coronado’s Oxford Building is a historic building renovation, with a design focused on the user’s day to day needs and bring the building back to life. The Oxford has a very fascinating past. Having been originally built in 1887 as the first hotel on the Island to house […]

Hotel Del Coronado – Ice House Museum

BRE Hotels and Resorts CORONADO, CALIFORNIA • ONGOING Built in 1889, the Ice House building originally provided ice to the Hotel as well as the whole island of Coronado. This renovation will host a museum that will showcase the rich history of the Hotel Del Coronado. Exhibits that will be permanently showcased here include: Memorable […]

Hotel Del Coronado – Power Plant

BRE Resorts and Hotels CORONADO, CALIFORNIA • 2020 As the essence of the Del’s Industrial Area, this building originally built in 1888 has been restored and retrofitted as the Hotel Del’s Facilities Offices. Even though this project completely changed the use and original configuration, several historic elements have been protected in place and showcased; such […]

Hotel Del Coronado – Laundry Building

BRE Hotels and ResortsCoronado, CALIFORNIA • 2019 2020 Orchids and Onions Historic Preservation Orchid Winner The Hotel Del Coronado Laundry Building is a historic, single story building constructed of unreinforced masonry and wood trusses. This tenant improvement project focuses on celebrating the existing structure while incorporating finishes and components that are minimal and non-invasive as […]

Oceanside Marina Suites

OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA • 2015 The design objective for Oceanside Marina Suites was to bring a fresh, new, waterfront feel to the peninsula hotel. Elements such as reclaimed wood, blue acrylic panels and raw steel were introduced, which all are found in, or relate to the surrounding environment. obrARCHITECTURE also removed the old wood railings and replaced them with […]

Beach Haven Inn Tenant Improvements

Josh GittinsPACIFIC BEACH, CALIFORNIA • 2016 The design of a prominent marker identifying the hotel’s street presence while also providing a privacy screen to the pool beyond, this sign wall reflects the hotel’s contemporary design. The horizontal lines of the wood wallboth at the exterior & interior, mimic the horizon of the ocean. located only […]