Tappers at Loma Club – Liberty Station

Laura Johnson and Luke Mahoney SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA • 2021 Construction is underway for the renovation of Liberty Station’s Loma Club along with the addition of a mini golf course and cocktail concept, called “Tappers at The Loma Club”. This project was developed through obrARCHITECTURE’s longstanding partnership with Laura Johnson and Luke Mahoney as well as the […]


obrARCHITECTURE NORTH PARK, SAN DIEGO • ONGOING Coming to 2419 El Cajon Boulevard, a new and improved obrOFFICE! Rich in mullet-inspired character, our “business in the front, party in the back” concept is coming to fruition and we can’t wait to show it off. You may be wondering why our inspiration is a mullet…we work hard and we enjoy celebrating equally as […]

Challenge Center

Tiffany Piquilloud, Executive Director LA MESA, CALIFORNIA • 2020 In 2020, obr began work with the Challenge Center, a non-for-profit physical health and wellness group dedicated to providing specialized physical therapy and rehabilitation programs for seniors and individuals with physical disabilities. The Challenge Center approached obr to help transform their current single-story, undersized and dated […]

Pigment – ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station

Pigment SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA • 2015 Pigment at Liberty Station involved converting one of the existing 1920’s barracks buildings at Liberty Station in San Diego, CA. The building was redesigned to include open retail space with the addition of a new deck. For more information on Pigment click here Photographer: Kevin Walsh

3450 El Cajon Boulevard Multi-Family Development

Harbor Island Ventures, LLC SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA • ONGOING Located along the El Cajon Blvd corridor, this mixed use and micro-unit housing project reflects the car-centric and industrial history of the boulevard. Prior to the creation of the 8 freeway, El Cajon Boulevard was the principal automobile route from San Diego to El Cajon and […]

Kansas Street Multi-Family Development

Iwashita Real Estate Development LLC SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA • ONGOING The Kansas Street project is a new four-story residential building containing 39 units as well as resident amenity spaces. The one bedroom and studio style apartments will serve the growing demand for housing in North Park. The design draws from the nature of its location, […]

Camp Coffee

Jason Simpson & GFP Oceanside Block 19 LLC OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA • 2019 Designed for a team of career baristas with a passion for the outdoors, this project was created to bring the experience of camping with friends to the beachside coffee shop. obrARCHITECTURE was tasked with providing the coffee service layout, interior design, and a […]

Marina Resort

BIG BEAR LAKE, CALIFORNIA • 2019 Marina Resort is an existing 42 room hotel with direct beach access to Big Bear Lake.  obrARCHITECTURE was engaged to develop a master plan for the expansion of amenities across the property in addition to interior and exterior additions and upgrades to the existing hotel. Upgrades include a pedestrian […]

Waypoint Public

J&B NP Restaurant, LLC  SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA • 2013 Waypoint Public moved into the corner space formerly occupied by the Linkery in North Park, CA and obrARCHITECTURE was hired to convert the space it designed for the Linkery into the bright, family friendly neighborhood gathering spot that now houses Waypoint Public. While the Linkery sought […]

Saiko Sushi – Coronado & North Park

CORONADO, CALIFORNIA • 2011 NORTH PARK – SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA • 2014 Saiko Sushi is designed to be a fun, upscale space that focuses on the working of the sushi chefs. Using traditional Japanese construction materials of wood and concrete in a modern way on the sushi bar brings a hint of playfulness to the […]